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14' 2020

Elong E’nabe is a portrait of 6-year-old Angela, a girl with Senegalese roots who was born in Belgium. The film paints a picture of what it is like to grow up as a child with black skin colour in Flanders, often accompanied by racism and the question of belonging. Seeing the world through Angela’s eyes, however, leaves the viewer to feel more optimistic having witnessed the powerful bond between mother and daughter that seems to make their complex situation more manageable.

Written & directed by Niels Devlieghere
DOP Pauwel Billiau
Edited by Louise Butter
Original music by Simon Kremar
Broadcast VPRO ‘Makers van Morgen’ (NL)


VAF Wildcard Documentary 2020
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2021
Helsinki International Film Festival 2021
FICQ Quito International Film Festival 2022
Leiden Shorts Film Festival 2021
TAYF Short Film Festival 2021
Breedbeeld Short Film Festival 2022
Ethnocineca International Film Festival 2021


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